Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bad News Follows Good

Isn't it always the way?

I gained a B+ from the lecturer I've been having all sorts of issues with. From the lecturer I've had no issues with I suddenly have a need to resubmit.

My assignment on producing a brochure/pamphlet for joining your local writers' centre was slick and contained all the information a prospective new member would want. Most of that information is on the website and so I faithfully reproduced it in the pamphlet. Apparently I wasn't supposed to. I need to write it all myself. I need to rephrase and reword all the information and then produce the pamphlet - Question: if a client came to you and wanted an advertisement produced for them - in a week - that contained all the information they already had on a website, would you reorganise that information into a brochure for them or reinvent the wheel?

So tonight, I'll attempt to reinvent the wheel.

I'm still struggling with the speech writing assignment. I have a speaker in mind and a situation or gathering. I need to find the topic and write the speech. Still a long way from done.

Still have one more crit to complete on TPN and have received my first crit for "Too Late the Rain" from the group. Another comment of confusion on Chrissie being a ghost. In the last edit, I changed the subtly to more of the sledgehammer approach and apparently, it still isn't enough. I'll wait for the others and use the punctuation suggestions, but there needs to be some serious persuasion for me to change it further.

Updated the biblio, the assignments and the reviews pages on my website. Links found to the right ->. I need to finish work on my latest shorts in progress (SIP), and get them out to market. Things are starting to stagnate.

Still waiting on my bloody new Internet connection. Heads are about to roll!

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