Friday, May 2, 2008

Assignments Done

Today, I completed the resubmission for the pamphlet and the speech assignments. Both will go in the mail Monday.

My next assignment is titled "Grammar, punctuation and usage", if there is one area of writing I sadly lack in - it's these three areas. Pray for me.

Seriously - I'm not particularly proficient in these areas but it's past time I became so. Time to really go back to school.

Tonight, I'll gather together all the crits of my current work and get stuck in to finalising them. They need to go out the door. Still no word on my competition piece although I know of other entrants who have had some feedback. Here's hoping no news is good news.

Still no movement on the Internet front. This is getting ridiculous. If it takes much longer, I'll have to start naming names.

No news from the editor of SA50s+ either which is a little sad. The first issue was supposed to hit the streets back on the 25th of April. Since I cut my column down to size, I've heard nothing. Time to email her and find out what's going on.

I stumbled onto an agents blog today. There is some very interesting stuff there. I'm still working my way through it but you can expect to see a new set of links to industry professionals appearing on Musings and I'll be highlighting any pearls of wisdom I come across.

I still want to highlight some points of interest I got out of the recent chat session with Jonathon Maberry. Stay tuned for that one.

Well that's the update for now - I hope everything is progressing with your own writing.

Good luck with your submissions.


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