Friday, May 9, 2008

Been A Productive Two Days

I've been busy.

I've finished this weeks assignment (the one on grammar, etc), I've revised Too Late the Rain so it is now ready for submission to TPN. I've revised Grimoire so that too is ready for TPN. I've just finished revising Drinkers, which has now been renamed Dark Rose.

I've also received an entry form for a local writing competition where the theme is open but the word count is for 2000 words or less. I need to work on one of my other stories - maybe a fantasy one this time round to prepare me for getting back into my manuscript.

I haven't received word back on my request for information about my next article for SA50s+ yet, which is a little annoying but there's plenty of time before I have to submit an outline.

Good luck with all your writing.


1 comment:

  1. It would be interesting to read some of your stuff on-line. I have a couple of blogs where I tend to publish everything. You are invtite to view, for example, I stopped accepting comments, but I'm going to publish an email where people can contact me.