Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good News

But not for me :(

A good friend of mine looks like she's sold her first two pieces of fiction. I won't mention names or where's or how's but she is understandably stoked!

I didn't check my email first thing this morning like I normally do. Her email arrived around 8am. I didn't get around to checking mail until after 10pm. She'd emailed me for advice on a couple of offers she'd received. 14 hours later, I responded - I'm so sorry it took so long A.

So I emailed my advice and I'm extremely happy for her. As soon as it's public, I'll let you know the details and where you can buy her work.

I'm having major problems organising my Internet connection from home at the moment. My current - at least until midnight tonight - ISP charges like a wounded bull and the ISP I want to get on - the only one that offers ADSL2 in my area - cant get the exchange upgraded to meet what they've promised me. My connection date has been put back from the 24th of April to the 28th, to yesterday, to today and now not until tomorrow. I lost my cool with the trying to be helpful person on the other end of the phone. In the end, I have free Internet for the next month - as soon as they connect it that is. It better be on tomorrow or heads will roll.

My writing - I am halfway through a crit on TPN - then ran out of time. I'll finish it tomorrow - I promise Swampfaye. I have another crit to do for another member and I still have this weeks assignment to do. I've been a little slack this week - reading instead of writing, taking part in a chat session on AHWA hosted by Jonathon Maberry (transcript available here - if you're an Australian horror writer, you should look at membership while you're there) which was excellent - instead of writing and generally just taking a bit of time off.

Now of course, I'm a little behind again. The assignment this week is to write a 600 word speech! I've never written a speech before. And there are structures and guidelines and all sorts of stuff. This one is going to be hard - and probably late.

On the good news front - I received my last assignment back from Mr Stone. B+!!! My highest mark to date. Still had some interesting comments in the prose. Some good, some a little strange but another assignment in this module I don't have to resubmit. Unfortunately the speech assignment is also for Mr Stone so I'm preparing for a fall from grace.

Okay - that's it for now.

Like my American friend, who just sold her first pieces, you'll never know how good you're stuff is until you submit it - congratulations again A.


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