Thursday, May 22, 2008

Todays Writing News

Apart from getting serious about my manuscript:

I received input back about my poetry assignment. Apparently it's not too bad. One poem is good to go and the other needs a little massaging to technically work. I know nothing of this side of poetry and want to know less. I'm eternally grateful for the help I'm receiving.

More good news - strike that - great news. I received my assignment back on punctuation and grammar--and received another B! If there was ever an assignment I was sure I was going to fail, it was this one.

I emailed Mr Jonathon Stone today with a few questions on the next semester. I asked who was going to be the lecturers for the next two modules, what was the official last date for external students was for this semester and about registering for electives.

I'm up to date with all my crits and I've been posting a lot of suggestions for the TPN member I'm trying to unofficially mentor. Synopsis stuff, opening paragraphs, what needs to be done in a piece of flash fiction length to make a good story--that sort of thing.

I had almost zero sleep last night so it's an early one tonight.

Good luck with all your submissions. Remember the deadline for Midnight Echo and the AHWA competition is fast approaching so you need to get your masterpieces in now!


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