Monday, May 19, 2008

Quick Post

A number of worthy things today.

First has nothing to do with writing at all. Gabriella Cilmi - remember this name. If you have been living under a rock, check out the new video bar I added at the bottom of the blog. I haven't been able to get her song "Sweet about me" out my head since yesterday. She is a 16 year old kid from Melbourne who is going to be huge all over the world. She could be the female Elvis record producers have been looking for. Such a unique voice in such a pretty package. Do yourself a favour and go listen to her clips.

Second, I received an email from my lecturer today. He believe's if I continue in my current fashion, I will receive an credit for this semester. Having looked it up - he's right. As long as I get mostly B's and nothing lower than a C. I thought I needed nothing lower than a B! Excellent news. Seems I'm back on for two credits this semester which was my original goal - yay!!

A very quiet day at work has allowed me to catchup on a bit of TPN reading. I've read the reposting of four chapters that a member has put up and I'm very disappointed.

Maybe it's the new found confidence I'm finding with grammar and punctuation, maybe I'm just improving and learning more about writing, but it's annoying when things are pointed out to someone and they ignore it. It's worse when a few people point out something and they still ignore it. Writing a lot and gaining crits, only to rewrite it quickly to put back up, is not good writing.

But then I read the latest chapter and all the previous lessons seemed to have been more closely followed. I don't get it.

I also read a new piece from one of our professional partners. It's obvious he's experienced and knows his stuff. To be honest I was a little intimidated to think of doing a line edit. He asked a few questions on the end which I answered truthfully - hopefully he gets something out my answers (they weren't all about blowing sunshine up his proverbial).

I've updated the assignment page on the website, but I'm still working on my reading list and I have some research to do on my article. Tonight is ear-marked for Assignment 6 for Module 2 "Editing on screen".

Last note: Not feeling all that flash at the moment. I may have to consider a day home in bed tomorrow (I think the phone line for the laptop will stretch that far) >;-P

No doubt I'll post again tonight to let you all now how I get on.

Speak to you soon.


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