Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's Finally Finished

"Too Late the Rain", the short story that I've been working on solidly for the last month, which was first penned back July 2007, which has had an extra 1470 words added and at least 9 versions later--is done!

Some of my fellow critique group members believe otherwise. We have a difference of opinion on the ending. We'll see. I've had positive comments back from previous submissions of shorter versions but have never quite managed to find the right home for it. Fingers crossed I now will.

Still waiting on comments for "Dark Rose". As soon as I do receive any, or come Wednesday night, which ever happens first, I'll decide which story I'm sending to AHWA.

Another version of "Mobile" has been done, but I'm waiting for any further comments before I resubmit this one to the crit group. Deadline is 30th July, so I still have some time.

"Grimoire" has been revised some time ago. Rather than re-post this to the crit group, I'm sending it out the door as soon as I target a suitable market. I'll keep all future submissions to TPN under 5000 words.

My poetry assignment is still not quite there. Playing around with a few lines of the second poem before I submit it. Not far away. I expect this assignment, and the next, to be submitted before the end of this week.

I've emailed my teacher friend from the states, so we should start critiquing each others work again soon.

So I have a busy week of submissions ahead of me. At least four pieces to go out the door. Next week there's a good chance of at least another three following them. Plus the revision of my manuscript begins and I need to find an article for SA50s+.

Wish me luck--as I do for all your submissions.


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