Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I've been a little under the weather for the last two days. Couldn't face work so I stayed home and rested, and wrote.

I finished module 2, assignment 6 yesterday and have packaged it up ready to be posted this afternoon. Last night I managed a revision of "Mobile" and the first part of module 1, assignment 7. This morning I revised that first part and drafted and completed part 2. These have been sent off to a friend, who seems to know their stuff on the poetry front. It'll probably get ripped to shreds but my sole aim here is to pass the assignment and move on.

Part 3 of this assignment is to describe what I've learnt in doing this. I am revising my first attempt at answering this by removing the negative comments and hateful inflections I've inserted. I'm sure that whoever invented poetry really had a father and his mother was probably a wonderful woman.

If I can get this assignment posted by the end of the week, then I can concentrate on clearing the decks of my short stories next week.

Then it's months of revising Tigers Eye ahead. Having looked at the dates on the files, I last looked at my manuscript in August/September of 2007. That's nearly 9 months ago! I imagine I'll look at it and think "what the heck was I thinking when I wrote this drivel" or words to that effect.

I've learned a lot over the intervening time period, and for those who have read this blog or visited the website regularly, I hope I've imparted something to the writer within you as well.

I've been writing seriously for 18 months now. This blog has been around for the last 8 of those. The website a touch less. I've found some wonderful friends in that time and gone through some rough patches. I had a few successes and a lot of rejections. I've grown a tough skin and an open mind. I've been incredibly busy. And I've loved it all.

I've read many answers to the question "Why do you write?" --There can be only one true answer: "Because I have too."

Reveal in your obsession.


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