Monday, May 5, 2008

Grimoire Update

I've just about finished revising version six!

It was ripped to shreds in my Crit group - and rightly so. I knew absolutely nothing back when I wrote this. No wonder it was rejected from the anthology I originally wrote it for. I still know enough to fill a pinhead in regards to punctuation and the terminology used in explaining it, but I'm trying to learn the rules. I have no hope of learning the lingo but I should be able to remember what not to do - I hope.

So version six has been rewritten but I'm letting it sit for the next day or so. Then I'll reread it with "fresh" eyes before penning version seven which will go for crit next week.

Tomorrow night I'll start my next assignment on drum roll please punctuation, grammar and usage! That should be fun.

Time for bed.

Good luck with all your writing endeavours.


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