Monday, May 26, 2008


I've just finished rereading "Suffer the Children" by John Saul. The first time I read it was over twenty years ago, and I was serious moved by it.

Now I know a lot more about writing. I'm learning the rules that newbies are supposed to learn, before being allowed to bend them as much as we choose. Or as much as John Saul breaks them in this novel.

I haven't written up my review of it yet but it will definitely be along the lines of: John Saul throws out all the rules of writing as he jumps from one point of view character to another, leaves a vague ending, and completely enthralls the reader in this tale of the supernatural.

It will of course be much more in depth, but I'll leave that for you to read once I've done the review.

Anyway, as you may have read by my venting in the previous post, I have been extremely frustrated recently. Not only with my crit group (although they bore the brunt of it) but also with my lack of progress. Tonight, I decided while reading my previous rant, after having finished Saul's book - I know what voice I want to write in.

I agree with Bruce Holland Rogers when he said "...each piece needs to be in it's own voice" (on writing horror) but my style that will influence that voice has become very apparent to me.

Unfortunately, I believe the majority of my crit group won't really appreciate it anymore than my current lecturer does. Why aren't I listening to my crit partners or my lecturer--because they don't know everything anymore than I do (I'm sure my lecturer would argue strongly against that).

So, I'll write what I write. I'll take on board the technical corrections and suggestions. I'll consider suggested changes (some of them are very good) and then I'll present it to the world as I see fit. No more doubts on whether I'm right or should I be listening to others. If they want a story to end a certain way, then they can go write the bloody thing :)

Grimoire has gone to my friend for crit. I can't keep calling her "my friend" and yet I don't want to publicly name her. I think I'll just refer to her as "The Teacher" - with apologies to Dan Brown and the Da Vinci Code.

The poetry assignment has been finalised. I'll package that up after I'm finished here.

Tomorrow night, I'll be finishing off "Dark Rose" and deciding on the markets for it and "Too Late the Rain".

I'm sending "Winged Shepherd" to work, because if my day tomorrow is as boring as it was today, then rewriting it will give me something to do :) I think I'll send the "The Idol Con" too!

I was just browsing through what work I've got on and found an old piece I wrote called Senses End. I have just this minute, submitted it to Antipodean SF.

That's enough of my rambling for now. You all know I do way too much stuff to do with writing instead of actually writing itself. That changes very soon.

Now to package up that poetry assignment... In all the carry on, I totally forgot. I received the assignment back that contained my effort at a 1 Act play. Mr Stone wasn't overly impressed--again--but I did receive a B-. If I can pass the last two assignments with nothing less than a C grade, I'll obtain my target of a Credit for the semester.


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