Thursday, May 8, 2008

Too Late the Rain Revised

A few days ago I posted that Grimoire had been updated. I have just this minute completed revising Too Late the Rain as well.

I'm much happier with both of them now.

Drinkers to be done next.

My contributors copies of SA50s+ arrived today. With it came vouchers for a camera place and for a book store. I'm sure my wife will happily use the camera store vouchers and I'm sure I'll be able to find a book I want to buy - on the huge list I've so far compiled on my "To Read List".

I may have to publish that list on the website as it would be a useful list for all wannabe horror writers.

I have got to stop giving myself tasks to do!

I worked (my real work) from home today because my car had to go into the mechanics. I've just been told that the part hasn't arrived today and he needs to keep the car till tomorrow. Not happy. Now I have to email work and let them know I need to work from home again tomorrow - my guess is they won't be happy either.

I hope your writing is progressing in at least the same manner as mine, and that your car works a great deal better than mine.


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