Thursday, May 15, 2008

Assignment 6 Done

Module 1, assignment 6 has been completed and will go out the door either tomorrow or Monday. Depends on when my wife or I remember to go to the post office to send it.

At 18 pages long, it's one of the longest I've done so far.

Each of the two modules in the first semester has 8 assignments. My kids have 7 weeks of school left this term so I suppose that also means I have 7 weeks of this semester left. Once this assignment goes out the door, I have 5 assignments left to do in a little over 6 weeks. Somehow I ended up in front - cool!

This assignment started way back as part of assignment 4 in module 1. I wrote a 600 word story beginning from a prompt. In this assignment, I completed the story, then changed it into a one act play and then polished it, extracting an 800 word, dialogue-rich fragment. If I was to put the play on, I think I could just about recite all the lines by heart already. I was out in the backyard reading it out loud to see if it sounded right. BJ (the puppy) was looking at me very strangely.

Dark Rose received input from another Aussie writer today. The majority of his comments were good but he did think it needed a bigger twist. Time is against me to add that bigger twist at the moment. His suggestions were interesting though so I've added them to the folder for future reference.

No additional crits on the latest version of Too Late the Rain which is disappointing.

I'm up to date on all my current crit requirements so I managed some reading last night, which was nice for a change. I'm now almost halfway through John Saul's "Suffer the Children" - an excellent book but I think my increased knowledge in writing is damaging my enjoyment. I'm starting to pick up areas of the writing that could be done better. Good for my writing, but bad for my reading enjoyment. Over all though, the book is still a very good story. I'll post a review on my normal review page when I'm done. As it's an old book, I won't post it to HorrorScope.

Well that's it from me for tonight.

Good luck with all your writing endeavours and may all your submissions be successful.


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