Thursday, May 22, 2008

Getting Serious

Take a look to the right of this post--at the very top of my sidebar. That there is my revision progress meter. Beginning June 1st, it will commence (if not sooner).

I will work my way through, from start to finish, the entire manuscript as it currently stands.
I will have the entire manuscript critiqued and revised.
I will not find other things to do.

I figure I can revise a chapter a week. Tigers Eye currently stands at 30 chapters. So commencing June 1st means I should complete this task by the 30th of December! I just figured that out on the calendar. How's that for fate. So my pledge becomes:

I will finish the full revision of Tigers Eye before 2009 begins. To accomplish this, I commit to revising at least one chapter each week (a week being judged as between one Sunday and the next), commencing on Sunday, June 1st. The first chapter will be revised and ready for critiquing on Sunday, June 8th.

There it is, in wonderful forest green (fluorescent green and vibrant red didn't look too good on the blog, and was a little difficult to actually read) for all the world to see.

If you see my progress meter looking a little stuck and no blog indicating movement on the manuscript front, I encourage you to post comments and use terms like loser, hypocrite, and failure. taunt me for all you're worth. I'll do my best to keep it moving and to keep you updated.


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