Monday, May 12, 2008

Stage Play

Just to see if I could, and to see what it would come out like, I turned the first draft of the new short I've written for the local writing contest, and turned it into a one act stage play.

It's not too bad, and it's good practise for any scripts I need to write down the track in my diploma. So I've decided not to use the "Confused Love" fragment for the latest assignment, instead I'll polish the new stage play with the working title "The Idol Con". It's not a mis-spelling, rather a play on words.

I've received more feedback on Dark Rose and Too Late the Rain from TPN members. Interesting thoughts. I don't agree with all of them in regards to this piece, but there is definite food for thought in regards to future pieces.

That's it for me for tonight. I need to do a quick update of my assignments page on the website and then it's off to bed.


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