Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Module 2 Assignment 6 Done

Finished another one. That'll go out the door tomorrow. Thanks to my teacher friend in the States for letting me use an old version of her manuscript for the editing section.

Four assignments left to go for this semester.

Poetry - joy--not!
Internet resources for writers - should be a soda
Life Writing - should be interesting.
From publishing idea to book proposal - should be able to learn something worthwhile.

I've already started reading the poetry assignment and I'm not enjoying it. Early in the piece it has a quote from an unknown source: "Don't write [poetry] unless you absolutely have to". I think I'm in total agreement with that line of thought. I'm trying to keep an open mind as I read through the assignment, but the examples it uses go straight over my head. I just don't get poetry and I never will. No great loss in my mind but I'm guessing my lecturer, Mr Jonathon Stone, would have other ideas. I'll do my best and produce something at the end of my reading but if it's the last bit of poetry I ever do, then I won't lose any sleep over it.

In Module 1, I have 4 Bs and 1 C grade. With two assignments left, I need only produce 1 B and 1 C and I'll gain a credit. In module 2, I have 3 Bs and 2 assignments still waiting to be marked. If either of the outstanding assignments come back as a B then the same applies for me to gain a second credit. This may only be the basics of writing in term 1, but it's far from a walk in the park for someone who's been out of school for 20+ years.

Tonight, I'll finish reading the poetry assignment and do a second draft of my new competition piece "Mobile". I had two guys from work read the first draft of this. Neither are writers so a completely unpretentious view from a reader is nice occasionally. Of course they also don't want to hurt my feelings so I take all comments with a pinch of salt - sometimes a very large pinch. One of the readers thought it was good. The other doesn't like horror and this piece confirmed that for him. The fact that his wife's pregnant didn't help as that's a major plot point in the story - a pregnant woman that is--not his wife. Too close to the bone I guess.

I also need to transfer data from an old family computer to the new one. That can happen in the background as I write.

I've already cooked dinner and fed the kids so the rest of the night is pretty much free!

Time to get to work.


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