Sunday, October 12, 2008

Two Down, One To Go

I read and reviewed Darren Shan's "Demon Apocalypse" on Friday. Yesterday and today (this afternoon - I did overtime at the real day job this morning) I read and reviewed "13 Bullets" by David Wellington. Tomorrow I begin a non-fiction title, "Sadistic Killers: Profile of pathological predators" by Carol Anne Davis, which needs to be reviewed by the 15th at the latest - hopefully I'll be done by the 14th at the latest. I'm guessing out of the three, "13 Bullets" will win in the story telling stakes , but "Sadistic killers" will win in the horror stakes. Nothing's more horrific than the truth about what one human can do to another.

This batch of reviews has come with a very tight deadline causing me to drop a little behind on assignment work and way behind on any other writing.

By my rather flimsy calculations, I have 6 weeks to finish 4 assignments. The fact I'm ahead in the short story module is the only way I'm keeping my head above water this semester.

Best of luck with your submissions over the coming week.


***Late Addition***

I just found a link to a very cool essay on The Short Story - have a read here

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  1. Just passing on my condolences about real life getting in the way of writing. Monday's coming up for me, so hopefully it won't win over too much.