Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lots Going On

I've updated the AHWA markets page again and in my market research came across some interesting competitions you may be interested in - I'm thinking about them although I have no time to write at the moment.

Oceanview Publishing Short Story Contest

Strange, Weird and Wonderful Magazine (I particularly like the Winter '09 Prompt 3 scenario)

Best part is entry is free. Good luck.

I received my last two assignments back yesterday. More good news: an A and an A-. I'll update the assignment website when I get a chance. May have to raise my aim for this semester from Credits to Distinctions...

My short fiction module lecturer (that's a mouthful) has asked I submit a draft of Wamphyri before I submit the assignment. She said the assignments I'm currently doing and those I'm still yet to do would be important in completing the final story - she obviously doesn't read my blog or she'd know I finished the story a while ago now. Still, I'll submit the "draft" and see what she says.

All my articles for SA50s+ have been submitted and accepted. I have to chase down some pictures but that shouldn't be too difficult. I also need to forward the names of people who can okay the purchasing of advertisement space to go with the articles. Not really happy about that bit. I write the stories, I shouldn't be trying to sell ad space as well. I managed to talk it down to me supplying the names of target individuals rather than me actually doing the selling - I supposed that's not too bad.

Cricket season starts today and I'm not playing. Gearing up to watch my lad play, do a lot of reading and I'm taking my laptop to do some writing if the urge strikes (probably end up only writing reviews if I finish the books). I'm quite looking forward to it.

Time to venture out into the bright Australian sunshine and have an enjoyable and hopefully productive day. I wish you the same.


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