Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thunder & Lightning & Your Brain

Last night we had a huge electrical storm hang out over the house - well, circle around the suburb at the very least. I kid you not. When I got into work this morning, some of my colleagues reported a bit of rain while others reported Nada. We had the full box and dice and it was very loud at times.

So I did the right thing and left the computers off for the majority of the night. I have enough issues with a faulty video driver without blowing the thing up altogether.

Doing the right thing, left me with doing nothing in regards to writing work. I didn't even read. I just vegged. It was nice.

I've been catching up on my feeds this morning as I now tend to do. Each morning I get to work and skim the online version of the paper, and then read all the blogs that have been updated. If I didn't blog last night I get that done (as I'm doing now).

While surfing this morning I came across the little lady found here at the Left Brain v Right Brain Test. I remember coming across this some time ago and posting it at the forums I was involved with at the time. Back then I used to be able to make her switch direction almost at will.
Now she is predominately a clockwise girl for me. If I look away so she's only in my peripheral vision, I can get her to change direction but it's difficult.
So clockwise is supposed to mean I'm right sided and apparently different to the majority.
But does the simple fact that I can make her change direction (not as easily as I once did, granted) mean I'm more liable to use both sides of my brain equally.
Given the break down of functions I end up with:

uses logic - Definitely Me
detail oriented - Definitely Me
facts rule - Definitely Me
words and language - I write, therefore I am...Definitely Me
present and past - Not really
maths and science - Math - no, Science, kind of.
can comprehend - Yes
knowing - Definitely Me
acknowledges - 50-50 on this one
order/pattern perception - Yep
knows object name - I can't remember my phone number
reality based - In my life - definitely
forms strategies - Based on possibilities
practical - Definitely Me
safe - Definitely Me
So I match up well on 10 out of 14 with another 3 being a big part of me. Past and present is the only one I would say no to and yet I love history, but in my everyday life I'm very much more about now and planning for the future.
But then match them against the right side:

uses feeling - I consider myself quite empathic
"big picture" oriented - Definitely Me but I break it down into manageable bits
imagination rules - In my writing and in the way I resolve issues definitely
symbols and images - symbols - no, images - yes.
present and future - Definitely
philosophy & religion - Philosophy - yes, religion - not really unless it's in my writing
can "get it" (i.e. meaning) - Yep
believes - No
appreciates - Yes
spatial perception - I would have thought so
knows object function - Yep
fantasy based - in my writing
presents possibilities - to form strategies for the future
impetuous - no
risk taking - no
So more definite No's on this side of things.
Which is strange I guess. I see myself as a practical, non "arty" individual. I think of things logically and tend to be a little old fashioned in many ways. I'm a safe traditional kind of guy... who writes dark fiction, predominately involving children.
It takes all kinds to make the world go round, I guess.
Which way does she turn for you and how do you stack up on the brain function side of things?

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