Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And Kermit Sang...

Moving right along...sorry, it just popped into my head. I'm obviously coming to the end of this semester because my head is already moving into a more creative space. All sorts of things are just popping into that vacant space I sometimes call a mind.

The diploma assignment writing tends to be a very structured affair and follows a set formulae (at least the writing articles for publication side does) - I 'finished' the short story module sometime ago so nearly all the recent assignments have been on article writing. Maybe I should have paid more attention to Bianca's blog to help me in that area - doh!

Anyhoo - finished with assignment 7 tonight and packaged it up for posting. Hopefully I'll get this one posted tomorrow. Just as hopefully, I'll receive some of my recently sent assignments back soon. Seems hope is also springing eternal around here lately. (or is that waxing lyrical?)

Strikes the banjo, cues Fozzie - 'Moving right along' (shoot me now!)

I've had an idea for the final assignment in this article based module. It requires a little bit of research (another idea has arrived) and an article from Bianca on the perfect query letter to editors - do you have one already posted on your blog - if not, I think it'd make a good article for you to do - I'll link to it. (insert gentle nudging and winking here)

Visions of a green Studebaker (sp??) flash before my eyes (this is getting ridiculous).

I may have also finally fixed my video driver issues. The laptop crashed again early this evening leaving me with the prospect of another wasted evening trying to track down the culprit. I rebooted it twice to finally get back in and then stripped the drivers back to the bones. I then went and found a high performance driver and installed it - now things seem to be back to where I was a month ago - stable, touch wood (places hand on head).

In the words of Porky - th,th,that's all folks. (time to go before I damage my horrific image any further) (or use anymore bracketed comments)




  1. Anytime you can get several Muppet references into your blog is okay with me.

  2. I'll be sure to write a nice article on query letters on my blog soon for you - the link back will be appreciated ;)

    When I write queries I still reference an article a good friend of mine wrote if that helps. I have it bookmarked. It's here: http://www.fictionfactor.com/articles/query.html

    If you don't already know Lee and her great site you should check it out. She can be very helpful if you have questions. I annoy her frequently and she never complains.