Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Share The Warmth

It's been a little remiss of me lately to not post links to online stories of others so here's a couple I think you'll really like:

The Solution by David Such published at Static Movement - Dave manages to capture how many of us older males believe things work within the head of a teenage girl. He also produces a very cold and sadistic killer who finds out he isn't so smart after all.

Spinnerbait by Amy Treadwell published at Flash Fiction Online - I was lucky enough to gain a sneak preview of this one as one of Amy's beta readers/critique partners. I loved it from the get-go - I'm sure you will too.

I know there's more links that have been sent to me or I've come across, but I'm at work and these are all I can remember or find while I wait for Microsoft Update to catch up.

Sorry to anyone I've missed - I'll try to be a little quicker in posting links in future.


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