Friday, October 17, 2008

Anyone Have a Shotgun I Can Borrow?

I hate my work.

Not like Ben hates his work, not like others who would prefer to do something else, and not like most of us who would rather just write for a living.

I'm very good at what I do, and have become adept at managing my systems to the point where I can carry on with other things for long periods of time - while still getting paid a very good wage. My colleague summed it up best when he coined the phrase 'work hard to bludge hard'.

It means we work hard to get our systems working well which then allows us time to do other more interesting stuff that may not be connected to our primary employment.

But the people and the environment I work in, apart from a very few select individuals, is very wrong.

I've spent two weeks coming up with work-around fixes to keep my users happy. Today another issue is presented to me and I'm beginning to think I don't know half as much as I thought I did. I spend most of POETS Day rooting around obscure resources looking for solutions.

Turns out the symptoms of a much greater problem are showing up in my systems because I manage the front end. The issue is much deeper and those wankers/administrators who manage those systems aren't owning up to it. Am I allowed to show discontent? Am I allowed to march down the hallway and give them a wake up call? Not likely. I'd be seen as bullying another individual. Struth - people aren't doing their job - or worse - they're doing it half-arsed and causing others bigger headaches, but I'm not allowed to bring them into reality, and their manager is @#$%^ useless!

Vent over, thank you for listening.

Normal services resumed shortly.


  1. Feel quite honoured to be the person who came to mind when thinking about hating your job :P

    Managers are usually useless and internal office politics are such a mess, makes it hard to do your job, because maintaining hierarchy and people's status is more important.

  2. I wouldn't feel right if you used any of my arsenal in a threatening manner, with me being there. :-)