Friday, October 31, 2008

Fingers Crossed

It's taken me a further three hours, but things are looking stable again. Hopefully I won't have to throw the laptop out the window after all.

The only up side has been the ability to read the very first issue of AHWA's Midnight Echo while I was waiting.

Exceptional - and I'm only halfway through it!

(It doesn't take me three hours to read half a magazine - I've been doing other stuff too)

So far my favourite is "Suburban Cowboys" by Natalie J E Potts.

In passing, can I also add my congratulations and praise to Felicity Dowker whose story "They Live Under The House" was a very enjoyable read.

Time to get back to fixing my laptop. I still need to do heaps of updates to get it back to a true working state as opposed to just working as it is now. No fun trying to work without a delete key - just as well the backspace key still functions...

Speak soon


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