Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Links & Other Great Stuff

I'm going to dump this stuff together. As usual I've gotten behind on my feed reading so I'm learning all sorts of cool stuff in one hit instead of passing it on in bits as it was originally intended.

This is a very cool topic to start with: Dracula: the Undead. Nope, not another trashy rip off of the original fanged one. This has been written by descendants with full backing of the Stoker Clan and the weight of some big publishing houses behind it. Read the full story on Hellnotes. Seriously looking forward to this coming out.

Want to dream big - look here, but remember: only 10% of writers make a living out of writing and only 5% of those earn 90% of the money, so don't give up your day job. Besides...none of use write simply for the money - do we?

Some very interesting thoughts over on Speakeasy - and you've just got to love the final quote.

And just because I'll be spending some time here searching around because it's so HUGE - take a gander at Horror World when you get a chance.

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