Thursday, October 16, 2008

Assignment Draft Completed

I've been a good boy tonight and put in the time to write up the first draft of my next assignment. Back in assignment 4 of module 2, I mapped out a possible article. In this assignment I had to take that outline and create a 750-1000 word article. After 2 hours, I've managed a 794 word article pulling all the pieces of my outline together.

I'll let it sit for tonight now. I'll have a look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow, hopefully polish it and package it for posting on Monday. It won't go tomorrow as I also need to do another assignment for module 1. Along with that assignment, I will send in my 'draft' of Wamphyri for comment by the lecturer.

I really need to do another assignment for module 2 as quickly as possible after that. My schedule has been thrown completely out of whack with all the recent deadlines converging so I need to work my ass off to get back on track.

I also need to get my assignments cleared so I can do the reading I promised I'd do for one of my writing friends.

Life would be so much easier if I got paid for everything I do in relation to writing instead of having to hold down a real job as well. Guess we'd better keep buying lotto tickets...

That's today's update - time for bed.

Good luck with your submissions.


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