Sunday, October 19, 2008

Now What

Before I start my usual ramble, here's a couple of interesting things I found during my daily surf:

Some humour at Rob's undead backbrain that unfortunately rings a bell of truth. If you're a writer, go have a read and you'll see what I mean.

Over at John Joseph Adams, he has listed 21 sites all writers should include on their regular reading lists. I haven't had a chance to go through them yet, but I will - and post my own thoughts about the relative usefulness of them. Go have a look for yourself here.

Onto my normal ramblings...

I took my laptop to the cricket on Sunday and found the horrible truth that I only have 1 hour of power when I'm not connected to mains electricity. That makes my dreams of working while watching my lad play pretty much useless. As it was, I kept being interrupted by other people so I was never going to get anything done anyway. I guess I'll have to drop him off, nip home for a couple of hours and then go back.

So Saturday was a write off. Today wasn't any better. I was doing my normal Sunday chores when a latch on the front door needed fixing. So I did that. I went to hang out some washing and found the rear gate needed fixing - so I did that. After cleaning up the backyard, I heard a car coming down the road with the horn blaring. I went round the front to tear strips off the driver for disturbing the peace when my wife rolled into the driveway with the horn stuck - in my car.

It took a while but eventually we found out how to disable the thing and restore some quiet.

Then the bees came. Seriously, we had a group of bees suddenly descend on our bedroom window. Not exactly a hive but there were enough to cause concern.

As you can imagine, I've been pretty busy all day.

That's led to no writing, so I'm still behind on my assignments and I've still not done any more on Newland.

There seems to be an issue with Blogger at the moment as well as it keeps locking up. It's taking longer than usual to post my ramblings...turned out to be a problem with a file I was downloading - apologies to blogger. The whole system crashed and I just had to reboot. Thank God blogger saved this attempted post as a draft. It's been one of those days.

It's getting late and I'm calling it quits before anything else goes wrong - after I do a full backup of my stuff.

Speak to you later...I hope.


Post addition - This was actually when my troubles started with my laptop. From logical reasoning I think it all began on the Saturday when people kept coming over and interrupting me. I placed the laptop into the boot of my station wagon. I think a child of one of the parents who came over may have sat on it or put pressure on the lid, which resulted in a damaged display. Lesson here is to never leave your laptop where others can accidentally damage it.

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