Sunday, October 26, 2008

Almost There

The video driver issue isn't fully resolved it would seem. I had a small hiccup earlier but it corrected itself almost immediately.

So for tonight, I ignored it and continued on.

I've done the draft version of my next assignment. I'll leave it for now and reread it tomorrow night. If it all seems okay, I'll send it out soon after that.

I'd like to draft up the last assignment I need to do tomorrow night as well, although that looked to have a bit more to it so it may take a little longer. I want to get them done and dusted because I expect some of the four I sent off recently to return. If one or more require submission (just being practical), I want to have the decks cleared so I can redo them and resend them quickly. If they come back as passes, then I'm done for the year and I can celebrate.

I've also sent off two queries as to the status of a couple of submissions. A response is a little overdue. The others I'm not expecting a response on for a few weeks yet.

I'm hoping the draft version of Wamphyri returns with good comments so that can go out to market. I think I'll submit it to Midnight Echo, Issue #2 first. I want to read issue #1 to see what style of story they accepted first time round (and to read Felicity's accepted piece). I know they have different editors this time round, which one could assume they will want different types of stories, but a guideline would be a good thing.

I hope you all had a good weekend.

Good luck with all your writing endeavours.

Speak to you soon.


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