Friday, October 31, 2008

Wasted Evening

Another chunk of lost time due to machine issues. I spent 4 hours trying to repair my system which experienced really bad display issues last night - right in the middle of me doing research and notes on my latest assignment.

Not happy.

Today I'm trying to do a system restore to before I installed Service Pack 3 when I believe all these issues began. I'm about halfway through the restore and the screen is flickering again. If it locks up during this process, I may not be left with any option but to rebuild it. Ever seen an angry and frustrated IT technician who is also a writer missing out on writing time because he has to fix the stupid computer first - not pretty.

So I'm resorting to using the family computer instead of my laptop while it restores. I really don't like the keyboard on this machine or where it's situated on the desk - gives me a sore back when I type.

At least I've fully backed up all my work on the laptop. Not looking forward to having to reinstall all my applications. Touch wood (places hand on head) it won't come to that.

Not how I envisioned spending Halloween...

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