Tuesday, October 28, 2008


You will have noticed the appearance of two ads on this site. The banner at the top for Amazon and there's a book carousel all the way down the bottom - also linked to Amazon.

I used to have another banner many months back, but thought it wasn't particularly useful, so I removed it. As the associate emails arrived, I didn't bother checking them. Today I finally decided to have a look at my account and was surprised to find some money in there - not a lot of money (I think the correct word here is pittance) but it was surprising to find anything.

So obviously banners dealing with books and writing provide some useful information to visitors of this site - hence the return.

I'm considering adding one last banner partway down the side bar - in fact I will. You'll see it appear shortly after this post.

Let me know if you think they're useful or some form of intrusion? Do they detract from the site in a big way?

I'd appreciate your input.


**Update** - Okay, I changed the top ad from the Amazon banner because it looked horrible and switched it with the Adsense banner. I added a Kindle ad partway down the side bar and the carousel at the bottom. What do you think?


  1. I think ads are fine if they aren't intrusive and get in the way of reading content.

    Of course, I'm able to read your posts just fine, so they're ok. Hopefully you get a bit of a return on them.

  2. Thanks Ben.

    I'm not expecting much in the way of monetary return, at least not in the short term. If they accumulate a little extra over time, then it's money I wasn't expecting and probably a bunch of flowers my wife wasn't expecting.

    So if you'd like my wife to receive flowers regularly, then by all means click away on the ads ;c)

    I'm sure she thanks you for your contribution.