Friday, October 24, 2008

Bloody Video Drivers

I've been inconsistent at best this week with anything to do with my laptop. The video driver is liable to have a hissy fit at any given moment so the motivation for working on the computer has been severely reduced.

Almost every time I've been on it this week, I've spent more time trying to fix it then trying to write.

I wrote the above comments last night before the thing died again.

I walked away in disgust and came back to it this afternoon. I have now rolled back Service Pack 3 for XP and reinstalled the video drivers. Using the inbuilt Nvidia control panel, I've setup the laptop and my main monitor to be dual screen with the primary monitor being the impressively large screen on my desk. The laptop is now just a handy device to run my hard drive and usb key from.

It seems to be stable now - touch wood. (Places finger on top of head)

It has taken me a week to get on top of this issue without rebuilding my machine from scratch and keeping all my work in tact. Backups are all well and good but not having to use them is better.

I finally posted off the four assignments I completed, either late last week or first thing this week, before everything went belly up.

According to my task list, I have three left to do for the year, including the assignment for Wamphyri - so really only two.

I figure I'll knock those off ASAP which should leave me until February next year to concentrate on Newland and anything else that pops up. Allowing myself time to work on my own writing has been sadly lacking recently.

Time to fix that as soon as I do these last two assignments.

Time to work.

(I can't believe I finally finished this post!)

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