Thursday, October 30, 2008

Great Idea

I was reading over at Alexandra Sokoloff's blog and came across this little gem:

Subscribe to Publishers Lunch, (not Launch as previously misread) a free newsletter that you can sign up for on the Publishers' Weekly site, and start a notebook in which you list agents who have sold books in your genre that week and the editors and publishing houses they have sold to.
Use the link to the the Lunch above as the link on Alex's site is wrong. Unfortunately, the free version only shares three stories from the days issue.

This seemed like such a simple and brilliant idea for every writer out there that has a manuscript and no agent. On further investigation, it seems you need to subscribe to the deluxe model to gain the benefits Alex mentions.


I've subscribed anyway to check out in full what they send out. It was then I discovered there's up to a three week wait before I'll receive my first emailed issue!

I'll let you know what arrives and how useful it is.



  1. Thanks, BT - I fixed the link. Well, nobody's perfect!

  2. Sorry Alex - I've been meaning to leave a comment on your blog or email you to let you know, but kept getting sidetracked with a malfunctioning laptop.

    Glad you read it here and resolved it anyway.

    Some are less perfect than others - take me for example...