Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Almost there

Sometime today, when work permits, I'll finish reading the last of the books I need to review for the next issue of Black. I'll write up the review tonight and send all three of them off to the editor with a day to spare. Then I need to get stuck into some assignments.

Since Thursday October 2nd, (12 days ago) I've read 5 books, completed 2 assignments, and finished off the last of my three articles of this issue of SA50s+.

I've written pretty much 0 of my own fiction.

Over the next 12 days I need to do two (preferably three) assignments, beta read 1 novel, critique another short story, and write at least one (preferably two) chapters of Newland - which has been sadly neglected of late.

I'd like to write a new short as well at some point. Wamphyri was my last original short and that was written back in August. I'm going to go and find the goals I set out at the beginning of the year and see where I'm at...

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