Thursday, March 19, 2009

Todays Accomplishments

I think I need to start drafting my posts during the day and making a single post at night - unless it's a Soapbox post, but then they will be few and far between.

Today I completed the first draft of my next assignment. Part one you've all heard me groan about. It's supposed to be about 500 words. Currently it stands at a touch under 1000 words. I can cut some sections out and bring it down to 850 without too much drama, but getting below 800 is looking unlikely at this point. Part two is also supposed to be around 500 words and I've managed to draft that at a little over 300. You win some, you loose some.

I've emailed my lecturer for advice. We'll see.

I finished reading RealmShift last night. I've spent the day allowing the different aspects of the novel to percolate around inside my head. I'll begin drafting my review tomorrow. Not long now Alan.

Tainted has been positioned close to the bed for the next reading period, although "Dissecting Hannibal Lecter" edited by Benjamin Szumskyj, and "Procession of the Dead" by D.B. Shan has just landed on my desk. My to read shelf is now growing on its own, self populating until it takes over the room and smothers me, allowing me to die slowly of ink poisoning and a thousand paper cuts. I kid you not, I now have 32 books on the shelf. I also have a number of PDF novels to read as well. What I would give for an ereader and a book scanner.

Tonight I think I'll watch The Uninvited. I could be reading or writing, but watching a horror flick is still good research.

Tomorrow I should have my answer from my lecturer and begin drafting my review. Tomorrow night I'm taking my little one to Laser Skirmish as her end of cricket season team get together. Should be amusing.

The down side on all this, is a full week with no work on Newland. As soon as the current WIP goes out (Dreaming), I'll have to change that. There's no cricket this weekend now the season's over so maybe I can squeeze some work in then. Have to play that one by ear for now.

Okay, that's my update for today. Time for the movies...


  1. Dissecting Hannibal Lecter sounds interesting. I enjoyed the Harris books, Red Dragon was very cool. I might have to look into that one.

  2. I agree with watching movies as research. If anything, I should do more of it. Thank goodness for Netflix, or I would go broke! Sadly, "Attack on the Pin-Up Boys" is not a horror movie *sigh* But I'm a trooper and will force myself to learn something from it anyway.

  3. Dissecting Hannibal Lecter is a collection of essays on the subject written by a fellow AHWA member. A very nicely produced book. I'm guessing it should be a great read and help me toward a great insight to a wonderful Antagonist.

    Nat - sighs and shakes head. There really is no hope for some.

  4. My head is spinning just reading the post. You really need an extra 10 hours or so in your day. Interested to hear what you think of The Uninvited. And well done completing the draft for your next assignment.