Monday, March 2, 2009

EOM Review February 2009

Abbreviation stolen directly from Jamie.

February saw me:

Lament the passing of Black magazine from a print publication to an online publication. It will still be great, and will allow me to do more indepth reviews, but it was still nice to see my words in print.
Write over 14,000 new words for Newland. Some 10,000 words short of my target.
Wrote 1 new short story. Swirls in Obsidian has also been submitted to PARSEC 2009. 3500 words.
Submitted 2 new stories to market. Along with Swirls, I also submitted Digging Up The Past to market.
Received 2 rejections. Idolatry & Too Late the Rain.
Resubmitted two older stories. Guess which ones ;c)
Retired 4 old stories. These aren't good enough for TLODS and three of them are old erotica stories. Grimoire; Drinks with a Twist; Dinner Date; Critiquing.
Gained 1 acceptance. Idolatry has finally found a home.
Continued to edit 1 short story. Dreaming is my only current short in progress, but I did have an idea for another which won't seem to go away. Maybe this month.
Submitted two assignments. I had to revise and resub one of these (so far), and drafted a third ready for submission.
Slushed four stories for Aurealis. No recommendations from me to the editor >:c( Maybe this month...
Critiqued a number of stories for friends. Worked on two of these a couple of times as we tried to move them forward.
Read way too many blog posts. Definitely need to cut down on this.
Read a chapter of an ongoing online story.
Read Issue #40 of Aurealis.
Read Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House.
Added three new books to my "to read" shelf. Need to increase my reading in March to make a dent in this.
Made 43 posts on this blog. I may need to cut down on the amount and length of these as well.

So that's it.

Bring on March!


  1. I still don't know how you do it. have you ever heard of a thing called a bed?

  2. I feel tired just reading your list. :)

  3. I don't get it.

    In Feb there were 24 days for me to do work - I currently don't work on Saturdays. I'd be lucky to spend a few hours on each of these days dealing with writing. When I can, I spend a few extra hours at my real job dealing with writing. So lets say 5 hours a day on average I'm doing something to do with writing. Looking at it this way, I should be getting a lot more actual writing done, but I don't seem to manage it. I always feel behind on things.

    And yet everyone thinks I do a lot.

    Somebody shoot me...

  4. You had a seriously busy month. Well done!