Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Assignment Done

I spent the evening working on completing the submission version of assignment 3 for my 'Write Fiction 2' module, even though I haven't received assignment 2 back yet. My lecturer for this module seems a little slow on returning things.

I've also finished checking out my assignment requirements for the other "screenplay" module. I need to come up with 3 more scripts by the end of semester: one of 5 pages; one of 6 pages; and one of 15 pages.

The long one I already have a story in mind for, but the other two need something new. From what I've managed so far I need to come up with two flash stories around 500 and 600 words respectively. Might be time to visit Cafe Doom for some inspiration, or maybe the current anthology markets. It seems the only way I can write a script is to write a standard story and then convert it to a script by how I see the story play out in my mind's eye - I'm just wired that way I guess.

Of course, this will mean less time for other types of writing, like my manuscript and any new shorts :c(

I'm also about ready to begin reading my next book - MageSign by Alan Baxter, the follow up to RealmShift which I read a week or so ago.

A friend at work has also given me another book to read at some point (like I need more books), but I couldn't say no to this one: The Complete Stories of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - I mean, really, could you say no to that? 54 short stories about the greatest detective character of all time. If I can't learn a thing or two about creating characters from reading this then I should probably stop writing now...

So that's the update from me for today.

Still in negotiations with an editor about my rewrite. They wanted something else changed and I said no. They came back with a different suggestion which met their needs and didn't compromise my story. I made the change and am now waiting their decision once more. It looks good, but I'm not counting any chickens - or ducks. Apart from that, no subs although one is just about ready to go, and no rejections.

Here's hoping everything is going well in your neck of the woods.


  1. True...you can't say no to Holmes. I'm impressed with your coursework output. Yikes.

  2. 'alternating each week between cocaine and ambition. . .' from A Scandal In Bohemia.

    I love that description of our favorite detective. It brings him down to earth and makes me wonder how he got anything done.

  3. Sherlock Holmes! You know, I never read him until I got married (I was 25) and my husband had them all. Now I read them over and over-- and even have the Granada Television series on DVD. I learn from him every time!

    It seems the only way I can write a script is to write a standard story and then convert it to a script
    I love reading these tidbits from other writers about their process; I just think it's endlessly fascinating. I do things opposite-- I write a script complete with stage direction and then make a story of it once I get it to flow in my brain!

  4. I was discussing me going to uni with my partner last night, and part of my reasons for holding back is what you've been describing - having no time for other writing because you're doing uni related work.

    Best of luck getting it all done.

  5. Aaron - I work exceptionally well with deadlines. Give me one with consequences and I'll get stuff done. Course work has serious consequences if it's not completed on time - I have to explain to my wife why I have to pay to do the same semester all over again - it wouldn't be pretty.

    Jamie (and everyone else) - now I just need to find a space in my reading schedule to start reading it. Maybe one short a week in between everything else. Can't be too hard...can it?

    Katey - I'm a little jealous of your process. It would make my coursework that much easier. I'm having issues with not putting too much direction into my scripts and the easiest way around that for me is to write it in story form so I include all the direction, and then cut it out on conversion.

    Ben - I need to do a separate post to answer this - stay tuned.

  6. Script writing intimidates me. Perhaps because movies are such a visual medium.