Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Interesting Stuff II

Do you remember a few weeks/months ago we talked about the benefits (if any) of doing study? I talked about the amount of time I dedicate to assignments and how I wondered if it was time well spent...alright, hang on, I'll see if I can find the post - err, no, I can't find it. Maybe I dreamed about posting that one.

Anyway, I vaguely remember something about wondering if the amount of time I spent on study would be better spent on just writing, and practising the craft.

Here's an interesting take on it from Tess Gerritsen's blog. Make sure you read the comments as well. I'll be finishing my diploma now I've started it, but I'd think twice about recommending it to anyone who just wants to write fiction.

Chuck McKenzie has started a new online zombie novel. I was unfortunate to not have followed the first one and that got rave reviews and may have other plans in the works for it, so don't miss out on reading this one.

An interesting interview of Nathan Bransford over at the Book Deal blog.

Go here to download issue 1 of Ruthless Peoples Magazine and read Aaron Polson's spectacular flash piece titled 'Man Bites Man' - satire at its biting best (It's a pity the mag editor didn't screen his publication for typos though. Still it's only the first issue so a couple of hitches can be excused - I guess). (And happy birthday for the 15th)

And lastly Cate (Catherine J Gardner) has The Marionette Manipulator & The Headless Bride up on 52 Stitches - yes it is as odd as the title sounds, but it is told in the unmistakeably wonderful voice Cate is becoming well known for. Very much worth the read.

And tonight - will be the very first post from my laptop as it comes online - stay tuned...


  1. Thanks for the mention, and wasn't Aaron's story excellent.

  2. Just read Tess's post and I don't know if I disagree with her. I think it depends on the person taking the course and the teachers. I had some very good teachers as well as some very serious writers in my classes, many were older and brought their experiences with them. Others were younger and we brought our enthusiasm. We all went drinking after class.

  3. Thanks for the mention. I didn't notice the typo...but I usually only give my stuff a cursory glance once it has been published.

    Spooks me a little.

  4. Cate - Aaron's story was excellent.

    Jamie - I know I'm learning during my studies and that's helping me become a better writer, and giving me skills in other areas of writing outside of straight fiction writing, but I'm not sure I'm all that interested in the other stuff. I'm pretty sure if I wasn't studying I'd be writing more, and more writing tends to bring a better understanding of the craft anyway and therefore better writing in general.

    Aaron - I haven't been published enough to be spooked yet. I have this problem where I read with my editors hat half on now-a-days. Seems I don't miss a lot in other people's work. If only I could pick up the same things in my work.

  5. I'm extremely grateful for this posting.

    Aaron's brilliant story is getting a huge response and I'm honoured that he chose to submit it to Ruthless Peoples Magazine.

    The errors mentioned above have, I hope, all been fixed in the current edition. To safeguard against further problems, RPM has retained an independent proofreader who will check the PDF before we go live. We thought we could do it all in house; not so. If I hadn't come across this post with its very serious implications... well, we may never have been able to adapt properly.

    If anyone ever has difficulties with an edition of RPM, just drop me a line at editor@ruthlesspeoples.com .

    I'm thinking of setting a 'spot the deliberate typo' contest...