Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hump Day

As in Wednesday, the middle of the week - sorry to disappoint.

Today I've managed to knock off another 3 chapters of RealmShift and added 1050 words to Newland. That's 4353 words so far this week--a bit better than last weeks paltry effort and still a couple of days to go! A good start to the month, me thinks.

I also got my first assignment back from Module 2. My lecturer likes my idea for Newland which is cool. My lecturer by the way is Kirsty Brooks. I'm so glad I didn't sign up for the internal class. Once my wife gets a look at my lecturer in a nurses uniform I'd have been banned from going anyway.

Anyhoo, she liked my idea, liked my assignment, but didn't grade it?? She also sent me some very interesting articles and a printed copy of an interview she did as way of introduction.

Another cool bit of information is her business Driftwood Manuscripts. This is somewhere I could see myself sending a manuscript for that final polish before submission - although it's not cheap. Still, I if I'm a good boy and show my work to be outstanding, who knows, maybe I'll get mates rates...student rates...a free coffee while I wait...

I noticed Aaron's name on the January Issue of NVF with the excellent 'The Eyes Have It' and I was informed my issue, April, containing Idolatry, is to be advertised at The Fangoria Weekend of Horrors. That can only be a possibly good thing - right?

So that's it for today - see I told you I was going to try and cut down on lengthy rambles and incoherent bullshit which whizzed off on barely connected tangents about lots of different stuff nobody rea...sorry.

And now for the Bean Update:


  1. Sounds like you are trucking right along. I had a teacher like that my first year of college.

  2. Your word count is awesome. You're destroying my theory that end of February/early March is the worst time of year to write anything. Then again, maybe my theory only holds in the northern hemisphere!

  3. Don't let your wife see the fishnet stockings ; )