Friday, March 13, 2009

A Weird Time

I haven't lost the want to write. I haven't grown bored with reading. I don't have something else suddenly taking over my time - and yet, I've done very little this week.

It seems I've almost drifted into a holiday from thinking.

I've managed to write a little over a thousand words to finish Dreaming and read a chapter or two of RealmShift - and that's it.

No critiquing (sorry to he who knows to who I refer)
No reading (sorry Alan - it's not your book)
No writing
No assignments
No reviews

I could put it down to the change in seasons and the approach of my birthday, but I don't really care about either of those. The end of Summer also points to the end of cricket season, which equates to more time for writing - that's a good thing.

My birthday - I don't think I'm going through a midlife crisis at the moment - I've not booked any test drives in a e-type jag or anything.

Could be my stupid teeth - they still hurt and I still haven't seen the dentist - yes I'm a silly scared little human - who isn't when it comes to the dentist? I just happen to have a bigger pain threshold and so can put up with things longer. A bad back will do that much for you ;c)

I think constant pain, my overdoing it last weekend, and general tiredness has caught up with me.

So I'm not freaking out. No sympathy required. I'm just mentioning it as the reason behind my immense slackness this week.

Tomorrow I'll take the field for the last time this season (yes, I've already indicated I'll be playing again next year - I know - I'm an idiot), and we'll drink away the sorrows of a pitiful season. Sunday will be a day of recovery - probably. Monday is my birthday so I'll be relaxing then as well.

Hopefully the dull clouds will lift and I'll be back in the swing. The fact my wife has brought me a laptop for my birthday should be enough to get me going.

How do you get yourself out of a funk?


  1. Take time off to refresh the brain. Watch movies, read stupid magazines and good books/horror magazines. And, of course, listen to Korean Boy Bands.

  2. Take it easy. I go through moods like that too.

    And Happy Birthday. A laptop sounds like an awesome present.

  3. I seem to be in a funk myself. I agree with Natalie, the way I get myself wired up again is by watching some tv/movies and reading. Especially the last one. A good book makes me want to write, just to prove that I can create something as good, too.

  4. Hi there

    I just discovered your site from Google Alerts as you mentioned RealmShift a couple of times - nothing is secret on the internet. Glad to hear it's not the book that's putting you off reading.

    I think we all have these motivational highs and lows, so I shouldn't worry about it.

    Anyway, enjoy the rest of the book.


  5. Reading and TV - seems to be everyone's favourite - mine as well, although I tend to watch movies more than just TV. KBB - maybe can have that one all to yourself Nat.

    Alan - I was wondering when you'd pop up. I checked out your site first so I knew you watched the alerts - hence I knew you'd be around eventually. Nice of you to comment.

  6. I either go fishing or shooting. I don't know if you like to do either or have the opportunity where you live. You might want to book the test drive. Can I recommend a nice BMW or perhaps a classic muscle car like a 72' charger with a 440 or rent a motorcycle and take a weekend holiday on that. Have a good birthday.

  7. BT - No problem. It's nice to be talked about.

    And if I could second Jamie's suggestion - I ride a motorcycle and often go out for rides just to clear my head. I've been known to be stuck on a plot point and go out riding till the answers come to me. There's something unique about riding. It really frees the mind.


  8. Sometimes you just have to let your brain rest a little. The important thing, I think, is to accept it as recharging time and not feel guilty for not doing anything. Think of it as a brain vacation, and let yourself do all the silly stuff you ordinarily wouldn't, like watching dumb comedies on TV or, I don't know, reading the corniest comic book you can find.

  9. Happy Birthday! I think your subconscious must have decided to down tools in order to have a birthday celebration break. Enjoy the rest and have a great time.