Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bursting The Bubble

It seems I post my end of month review and I get lots of pats on the back and amazement at how much I've managed to do. It's very nice and much appreciated, but I don't get it.

I do a little something to do with the art of writing everyday. Whether that's reading, editing, assignments, or actual writing doesn't really matter. I think of it as all stuff I need to do and get on with it. Usually. I'm guessing most writers are this way inclined. Quite a few actually use this time exclusively for writing and therefore accomplish a hell of a lot more than I do. Cate for example.


For the past four days, I've done naff all.

I critiqued a couple of stories for friends last Friday. Saturday is my normal day off. Sunday I updated the AHWA database, but did nothing for myself. Monday I read a couple of things from other people and wrote one review.

So I have done bugger all for four days. I haven't written a word in Newland; haven't edited Dreaming; haven't written a new story; haven't done any assignments.

See - I'm not that productive after all, am I?


  1. Don't beat yourself up. You still seem to accomplish a hell of a lot in a month. I did little over the last four days as well.

  2. You're fired. And so am I. Hell, I fire us all.

    We all need some time off.

  3. I'm sorry - I'm not whining really. I just don't see myself as overly productive most of the time. If I were, I'd have a lot more than 8 or so stories in the market place.

    But that's cool.

    Thanks for firing me Aaron - on my suddenly free time, I've just finished chapter 16 in Newland. A full rewrite to bring things into line - sweet.

    Nat - my mental productivity can get me into trouble. Having to turn unedited erotica into mainstream genre takes some doing...

  4. (Regarding "The Heavenly Kings")

    I own that movie ; )

  5. Take all the credit you get. It was you who told me to not beat myself up over not writing and now I just feel good when I do do some writing.

  6. Nat - should guessed that ;c)

    Ben - thanks for the reminder.

  7. How strange, I feel like I've done bugger all for 4 days as well. :) I'm in plotting my new book time, which feels very like procrastinating time.