Sunday, March 22, 2009

Newland Started Again

Managed to get a little done on Newland this evening. Not a lot: only 907 words to finish off the first draft of chapter 19.

I've also got a tentative title for it. Newland was only ever the working title. The same as all the character names need to be changed as they are currently named after the real life people who were once in the area back in the late 1830s. For obvious reasons that needs to change.

So I'm toying with "The Kookaburra's Laugh" which will mean nothing to you guys and girls, but let me let you in on the story of the Kookaburra's laugh. So, if you've read the story in the link, you may see how it can be a visual image for the herald, of a new day. Perhaps even the rebirth of the sun. That's what I'm going for, a rebirth, a finding of a new way. My MC's journey to find strength and independence in a harsh new world. I think it might work. I'll see if it grows on me.

So a weekend with no commitments has passed and I've managed 907 words and read 100 pages of Tainted. I updated all the books and covers I have at GoodReads, the place I got my widgets from to display what I've reviewed, am yet to read, and what I'm currently reading. You can see them way down on the sidebar - cute aren't they? And lastly updated my website and bibliography. Having a story published and putting up a new review tends to give me a push into updating things.

Well, I hope the review was useful (and I hope you're not too angry with me, Alan), and I hope everyone got something out of Winged Shepherd of Innocence.

Here's Mr Bean Counter to bring things up to date and then I'm off to bed.


  1. I like the new, tentative, title. It conjures up an image, even to those that don't know that story behind it.

  2. I do enjoy Kookaburras. Squat, enigmatic birds.

  3. Finding a title is always such a nice moment in a story. I like it and have some idea what it means.

    Oh, and I've been meaning to use Goodreads more and more.

  4. Yep - the title is growing more on me the more I think about it - kind of like Nat's mushrooms ;c)

    Enigmatic - I like that description. May I use that?

    Ben - the widgets are cool but beware of the lurkers on site. Like all other communities, you get people who just want to befriend you to boost their numbers or for other unsavory reasons. I got chatted up by a bloke after I posted my first review! I now don't accept email or messages from anyone there. It's not what I'm there for.

    I'm happy to post my books and post my thoughts and reviews, but that's it. I'm also classed as a librarian there now so I can add Australian small publishers books like those from Brimstone and I can update covers on any that are missing.

  5. I like the name. There's an undertone to something darker.

    Going over to read Winged Shepherd of Innocence.

  6. I like the title too--although I have this terrible problem getting songs stuck in my head at the least provocation, and now I have "Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree" in my head. When I was a kid we sang that one all the time in music class, and not a single one of us knew what the hell it was talking about. It wasn't until years later that I found out a kookaburra was a bird.

  7. KC - that's funny. While I was searching around for a link to the Dreaming last night, I found many instances of the old song and it got stuck in my head for the longest time. Thought I'd gotten over it - till now. Thanks for that...