Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another Lesson From Alex

Alexandra Sokoloff has posted another lesson.

Elements of Act One - Breaking Down the Harry Potter story As if in a classroom environment, Alex now goes into detail on how to recognise different elements within each section. This first example breaks down the famous first film in the Harry Potter series. Alex intends to provide more examples from different genres in the near future (which I'll link to from here). A very detailed post full of great examples of what the types of things you need to put into your manuscript.

I've also added this to the single post where I'm keeping all of Alex's lessons together. I cannot wait until she actually produces this as a book. I'm hoping it'll be in PDF format so I can use works printer to print the thing out in its entirety on A4 pages with plenty of room for notes. I can then keep it handy in a folder.

I kid you not, this could easily become the "new writers" bible (as opposed to a new bible for writers, although it wouldn't hurt all writers to read through these.).


  1. I was over on Alex's blog the other day having a look. She has some fabulous advice.

  2. I'll admit to being a fan of the lady.

    I've been following her lessons for some time now, and then I was lucky enough to get a couple of advanced copies of her books where she puts all this stuff into use.

    Follow her blog or at least subscribe to her feed - and feel free to add comments and interact with her. She loves input from anyone who visits. Ask her anything. The other day I had a big debate with her over one of her lessons. It's all good.

    Oh, by the way, welcome to the cult D! ;c)

  3. Thanks for the links, BT. I've been reading Alex's blog ever since you pointed us all there. Excellent advice.