Monday, March 23, 2009

Half Cocked

Seems to be my issue lately.

I mentioned to Aaron what I thought about his anthology "Tainted: Tales of terror and the supernatural" before finding out the reason behind it being that way - well duh, there had to be guidelines at some point, but now I know what those guidelines were or at at least what the inspirations were, I can see how this marvelous collection came together. But - I haven't finished reading it yet (I will by tonight), so I'll save any further comment for my review.

Second premature shot into the darkness came with PARSEC. According to the guidelines for the anthology, contestant entries should be submitted to the antho as well, just in case it's good enough to go into the book but not quite there for the competition win. Submitting to the antho gives the editors a chance to ask for rewrites. So, with a week or so to spare, I've sent it off to the antho portion of the market as well as the competition section. Two shots at it can't be a bad thing.

My lecturer has gotten back to me and has suggested I just send in what I have even though it's well over the word limit. I'm going to have another go at shortening things up to get closer to the word count and then send it.

Want a good read to round things off? Seems a number of us in this little group have published or republished recently. I give you:

But not to be out done, our little group of writing friends has also had a bunch of acceptances:

Not a bad little collection of emerging writers there. Maybe we should start our own webring?

Congratulations to everyone with a recent publication, acceptance, or to those who have simply gathered enough courage to submit somewhere for the first time.

Keep on writing!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out : ) Now by webring, I assume you mean some sort of writing mafia?

  2. Ooh, good luck with Parsec. It's good that they let you enter both the competition and the anthology. Unfortunately, my story is still alluding me.

    Congrats again on your story - I meant to say, in my previous comment, that I loved the title.

  3. Our own writing mafia, an interesting thought, but then we pretty much leech each others blog rolls and frequent the same sorts of places so I'm not sure what good we would do.

    Now if we had a web guru among us who create a secure web space for us to interact in and exchange work and stuff, then that might be different.

    Cate - you have exactly 8 days remaining. Come on girl, I know you've got a killer idea in there for this one...and thanks for the comments on story and title, it means a lot.