Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Review: Phantasy Moste Grotesk

I've been waiting to post my own review of this. Stephen has now posted his take on things on HorrorScope, so I feel safe in throwing my little take on it up here:

Phantasy Moste Grotesk

A journey through the mind of a damaged individual made real. Full of flavour and smells most bizarre. This is a well paced romp through a twisted world where darkness reigns supreme and there's no chance to hold the anchovies.

Josh Tarnell has problems. His girl has left him for another guy, his pizza is taking forever to get delivered, a kid with really weird eyes is demanding to come into his home, and he has a tendency to cut himself to relieve the build up of the Big Feelings.

But Josh has been a good boy. He's found new ways to deal with his issues, grown up ways, less messy ways. Until a kid with fathomless eyes as black as a serial killers heart arrives at his door. Naturally he calls his only love for support, but this only draws her into his fantasy nightmare turned horribly real.

Felicity Dowker, one of Australia's exciting new breed of horror wranglers starts 2009 where she left off 2008: with an almighty bang. She, and Corpulent Insanity Press, is releasing this limited edition chapbook onto the unsuspecting public. Wonderful prose filled with heart-quickening descriptive narratives, masterly crafted into a tale of spine-tingling terror, Phantasy Moste Grotesk is a must read, but be quick to secure your copy as only 26 are scheduled for release.


  1. Fear not, I'm quite used to people using that name! As for my "real" name, I did have a second reason for keeping it secret online. Long story, shoot me a message on Myspace if you ever want to hear it!

  2. Being totally new to MySpace, FaceBook or anything outside the blogspot environ, how exactly do I find you on MySpace???

  3. Thanks for the great review, BT - I'm glad you enjoyed "Phantasy". :o)

  4. I have to wait for my copy which I just ordered. I wish I had time to review books and get advanced copies.

  5. Flick - you are most welcome.

    Jamie - It's a good gig, but you don't always get to read what you want and it can be difficult to be diplomatic when you don't think the book is great. This chapbook of Flick's though is good, so much so I've ordered a real version myself. I only got to review this in PDF version.

  6. Have ordered a copy and am waiting impatiently for it :)