Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Interesting Day

I've had a fairly productive day for a change - although I still haven't got back into Newland yet.

I've revised Dark Rose, cutting it by a paltry 40 or so words, but those words were the naughty over the top descriptive ones the editor asked me to kill, and resubmitted it. Hopefully that will now have a home and be published for Halloween this year. Once acceptance comes, I'll let you know where. (note the positive use of voice in there...;c))

I got stuck into writing the one-page plot summary of Newland required for my next assignment, and four versions later, I'm still not sure I like it, but I'm getting closer - I think.

I've made contact with Stuart Neville, author of The Twelve, an exciting new release from a first time author I've heard all sorts of good things about (Plus he's Irish, and it is St Pat's day and all). This is the guy who's blog I read from start to finish some time ago and have been keeping tabs on since. It's an interesting journey. Anyway, I'm hoping to be added to his list of reviewers. He's promised to forward my details to Random House so fingers crossed that all goes ahead.

Tonight I intend to continue my reading. I've only got 4 chapters and an epilogue to go, some 70 odd pages, so hopefully I'll be able to start drafting my review as well. I'll get that done by the end of the week - if all goes well.

Then I'm going to read a book of short stories (Maybe Tainted...) to cleanse my palette (so to speak), and do a review of that, before diving into Alan's second book MageSign.

The question then becomes, do I release both reviews together or one at a time? Alan - what would you prefer?


  1. Pick 'Tainted'. Ignoring the fact I know a few people in it, it really is one of the better anthologies.

  2. Well, I really don't mind actually. As long as they're seperate reviews (that can be posted on the relevant page on Amazon, for example) rather than both books reviewed together, then I have no preference if you release them together or one at a time. Not a question I've ever been asked before actually!

    Perhaps you could release the RealmShift review first and that might leave people anxious for the MageSign review. More pressure on you that way though.

    Unless you hated RealmShift, of course, in which case...

    Am I rambling now?


  3. Neville's book is one of those that I am really looking forward to reading this year. He seems like a genuinely nice guy to chat with and I hope this release is big for him. I am going to be jealous if you get to read it before I do though.

    Tainted was good. I found the new stories to be better than the old stories, and the old stories are good.

  4. Okay, Tainted it is.

    Alan - I was always intending to release separate reviews. If you'd like RealmShift, and then MageSign sometime after I've read and reviewed an anthology, then that's cool.

    Never any pressure on me - I just tell it how I see it - and I didn't hate RealmShift...but you'll have to wait for the whole review. ;c)

  5. Jamie - It sounds like you know and have interacted with Stuart Neville already.

    I agree The Twelve is a highly anticipated book. It has a very cool premise.

    As for getting to read it before you do...I wonder if I could get Stuart sign a copy for me before sending it over...just teasing :c)

  6. I am miffed that the US version an the UK version of Neville's book will be the same book but with different covers and different titles. 'The Twelve' has a killer cover that will be sold in the UK. 'The Ghost of Belfast', while a great title will have a cheesy cover for the US audience. If he signs your ARC I am going to fly to Australia and steal it from you. :)

  7. Stuart - if you happen to glance by these comments, can you please sign a review copy for me. This would accomplish two things.

    1)I'd treasure the book forever along with my other signed reviewers books. These are not for sale - ever. I keep them in pride of place.

    2)I'd actually like to meet Jamie and his family so now he's made his intentions public, he'll have to fly over - I still wouldn't let him get hold of a signed copy though...

    Much appreciated.

    p.s. acceptance to provide said signed copy in no way guarantees a favourable review - just so we're straight on that ;c)

    (Hey, Jamie, do you think this'll work - shh, don't tell anyone)

  8. For sure, do the RealmShift review now and the MageSign one later when you get to it. Gives me more to blog about in the future!

    Glad you didn't hate it.


  9. Sorry, I've been out of town for a while. Thanks for the review - great job. Looking forward to seeing what you have to say about MageSign now.

  10. Ever since someone said nice things about my time management capabilities - they've all gone to crap. Hopefully it shouldn't be too long before I finish and review MageSign - stay tuned. (seem to be saying that a lot lately)