Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday's Post

Today marks the start of my drafting bits and pieces I would normally use over multiple posts, but am trying to gather together for a single post per day - if that makes any sense.

I'm not sure I'll stick with it though. I enjoy just getting on and rambling whenever I have something to say or share. We'll see.

Today I posted my review of RealmShift. If you'd like to see what I said about it you can visit this post over at HorrorScope. On my own scale, I mark it a solid 3 out of 6. I'm looking forward to reading MageSign to see where Alan went with this concept. Stay tuned for that review after I've finished Tainted.

Next - while doing the rounds of the feeds I found this post over at 'How Publishing Really Works'. Why does the old saying of one bad apple spoiling the barrel have to be so true?

An interesting discussion over at Murderati on the pros and cons of when one comes to short story writing by Zoe Sharp.

D - my thoughts on The Uninvited - first up, my wife enjoyed it, so from a purely non-biased viewers POV, I imagine most people will be entertained with this one - as long as you like dark thriller type stuff and if you don't then you have walked into the wrong theatre - please check your ticket and move elsewhere.

From my POV - Red Herring. The flick is full of it, not them, it. 95% of the film is one big Red Herring. I'm considering going back and rewatching it just to see if the explanation at the end actually matches what I saw, because from memory, it doesn't, which amounts to the director lying to me for the duration.

There are some nice bits, some good cheap scares, and a lot of confusion and misdirection, but the ending, which my wife liked, I thought was pretty blah.

Downer bits of the day include:

  • Not having heard back from lecturer about assignment 3
  • Having received some negative feedback on my seriously condensed plot summary and realising they were spot on so I have to do it all over again regardless of what my lecturer says.
  • Not hearing back about the rewrite request I submitted. I know I'm impatient here but the initial request came within a day or so of me submitting so I guess I was expecting a similar speedily reply on the rewrite.
  • Spending two hours doing nothing while my daughter ran around playing laser skirmish in an area without a viewers platform. I should have taken a book.

Other good bits of the day:

  • I've finished revising version 4 of Dreaming. This will now be winging its way to Jamie so he can play with all the cool new functions he's found in his new OpenOffice product ;c)
  • Started reading Tainted - I'm only 12 pages in and if the first story is anything to go by, I'm going to love this.
  • It's Friday and I have nothing planned for the weekend - outstanding! No commitments of any kind.
  • Helped my wife do a little more of her extremely complicated jigsaw puzzle - we will get this thing finished before Xmas 2010.

So that's my day. I'm not going to do an End of Week wrap up anymore. I couldn't be bothered sifting through all the posts to give a summary. If you want to know what I've managed to get done this week, go back and read the previous posts, but most of you regulars will have already done that so you don't need me to do an EOW wrap, and for that, I'm very much appreciative.

I think I'll just finish Kevin P Keating's offering and send off Dreaming to Jamie before hitting the hay.

Night all.


  1. Have a great weekend! Hopefully you'll hear back (with good news) about the rewrite--I know how you feel, I practically chew my fingers off while I'm waiting to hear back from an editor after a rewrite.

  2. Looking forward to reading the new story. Tainted did get better the further into I got, and the first stories were great. Nat's is really good. Jodi Lee wrote a chiller of a piece as well.

  3. I like jig-saw puzzles, though finding a place to do them is tricky!

  4. Hope the weekend's treated you well. I'm slightly hungover so hopefully will get something done today.