Friday, March 6, 2009

End Of Week Post

Today I managed to do some assignment work. I got back gradings for both assignments already submitted (including the resubmitted first one) - a B and a B+. Not a bad start to the year.

I have also managed to finish off assignment 2 for both modules. I'll post Module 2, assignment 2 over the weekend. I can't submit Module 1, assignment 2 as there is an issue with the website we do that through - got to love technology.

So I'm up-to-date on the diploma front and moving forward.

A Google Alert notified me of this little interesting bit of information: NVF In Print preorders. It's another first for me. I've never seen my name listed like that for a short story in a print magazine. Cool.

I've managed no reading or writing yet today. I need to go do some food shopping shortly, but I'm hoping to update when I get back. If I can knock off chapter 19 and get one or two more chapters of RealmShift read, I'll be a happy man for the weekend - which just happens to be a long weekend here so I'll be doubly happy.


I've managed a little over 1000 words in chapter 19. RealmShift will have to wait.

So my total for this week is: 6941!

Here's hoping everything is going well with your writing endeavours.



  1. You got more writing done than me this week. By a long ways might I add.

  2. Congratulations on your publication and an excellent word count for week 1 of March.

  3. Your word count makes me sleepy : )

  4. Very cool indeed to see your name in print.