Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tigers Eye is Alive

Today is June 1st! In Australia it's the first day of winter although it was nice and sunny today. It is also the first day of my big revision of the entire manuscript titled "Tigers Eye".

I made a promise to myself and to the whole world, that I'd begin it today and so I have.

The prologue is done. It is a snap shot set four hundred years in the past from when the rest of the novel takes place. It explains why a community exists which becomes pivotal in events within the book.

It began at 2902 words. My goal was to employ the formula "2nd draft = 1st draft - 10%", leaving me with a target of 2611 words. I've exceeded that cutting the prologue to 2551 words. My overall target is to complete one chapter a week, so I'll let this sit for a day or two before giving it a final once over. I'll then submit it to The Teacher. Next weekend, I'll submit it to TPN.

2% of Tigers Eye revised. It's a good start.

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