Thursday, June 19, 2008

and he's knocked it out of the park...

My lecturer has agreed to my proposal. Yay team.

One of the modules for the second semester is called Writing Articles for Publication, in other words, freelancing articles for a second string income. This is something I've wanted to get a handle on for a long time. I very hopeful that I'll learn a great deal from this module.

My proposal concerned me being able to use SA50s+ as my viable target market. As followers of this blog will already know, Mr Stone is adamant the target named in any assignment be a real one. I was required to resub my very first assignment on this technicality. I tend to learn from my mistakes and really dislike making them over and over again. Especially mistakes that require me to do whole sections of work again. I don't have enough time to spare as it is.

Now that my proposal has been accepted, I think I will find this module a great deal easier. I will still look for additional markets for my articles but at least I will always have a fall back plan.

In other news: I finished a crit off for a member of TPN leaving me one other to do. That will have myself and one other member up to date--out of six members :(

Starting to wonder if I'm getting full value for my input here. It's summer in the USA and holidays should be on the horizon meaning more time for writing. If the members decide to go away instead then they obviously aren't as serious about the writing as I am. I don't begrudge anyone a holiday--lord knows I'm looking froward to having one myself, but if you can't put in the effort during the year because of work and time management issues, then surely holidays is when you should be looking to get some progress forward happening.

I'll be taking my laptop and a couple of books with me on holiday. When (if) I have spare time, I'll write. If not then I won't care because I'll be enjoying myself anyway.

My review copy of Dark Animus arrived today. Typical. I started reading The Ninth Circle last night and nearly got halfway through, and now something else for me to read has arrived. I should be working on my novels for the rest of this week but I'm going to leave it. I'm going to relax while I have no assignments due and catch up on my reading. I know I'm finding all sorts of reasons not to work on the longer projects at the moment, but I'm serious when I say I want to clear the decks of everything accept my assignments and the longer works.

Enough of my blogging for now. I may log back in later to add more if I finish The Ninth Circle.

Speak to you later.


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