Monday, June 16, 2008

Slow Day

Last night, I didn't get a lot done.

I managed to critique a new story for The Teacher and posted Winged Shepherd up to TPN. I received a crit back from a TPN member on Mobile which picked up something no-one else had.

And I did a lot of reading for next semester. I've already done a draft of the first assignment and have done an outline for the first assignment of the second module. I've also read the first four sections of the first module.

Writing Fiction 1 is all about the writing of short stories. For this module I am to write a short story to the point of having it ready for publication. The formulation of this story is to take place over the whole semester.

It normally takes me two months to write it and have it revised, including passing a few times through different critique and feedback avenues. Not sure how I'm going to stretch that out to nearly six months.

There are other assignments that take place during that time as well as the other module - Writing Articles for Publication. I've emailed my lecturer, Mr Jonathon Stone, to ensure I can use my spot on SA50s+ during this module. I can't see why I can't use the publication as my target market. True, no other first year student would be able to as they don't accept freelance submissions but the editor has mentioned that she'd be interested to see anything else I have to offer. Does this potentially give me an unfair advantage - yes - but that's not my fault.

We'll see what Mr Stone has to say.

Lastly - if you're not yet aware Black Magazine has now been announced. It will hit the news stands next month. Subscriptions are available from the website.
I strongly urge all writers of the dark side and anyone else who has a passing interest in it, to get their subscription orders in now. Very cool magazine.
Well that's about it for now. I'll no doubt have more to add tonight but I thought it important to add the update I should have done last night.
Sorry about the delay.
Good luck with your submissions.

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