Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I think I finally got on top of things a bit more today.

The Idol Con has gone to The Teacher for comment.
Mobile has been re-posted to TPN for final comments.
The Winged Shepherd of Innocence has been revised and sent for comment.
Grimoire has been submitted to a new market.
I finished reading Scott Sigler's Infected and emailed my review for consideration.
I also wrote a longer version of the review for HorrorScope (not sure when I'm allowed to post this yet so stay tuned).
Received The Ninth Circle by Alex Bell for review. I'll start reading that one soon.

Maybe another week or so and all my dark shorts should be out the door. Hopefully I can then find the discipline to really get stuck into Tigers Eye.

By anyone's standards, that's a fair bit done in a day. I'm tired but somewhat satisfied.

I hope you've managed to move forward in your writing endeavours.


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