Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Module 2 Assignment 8 First Draft Done

This has been a difficult assignment. Finding a viable market, coming up with a viable idea and then creating the proposal for a book deal.

Most series within the dark fiction genre, are by invitation only. Actually, most series full stop, are by invitation only. So after spending nearly a week searching for one, I gave up and looked into the non-fiction side of things.

Those of you who come here regularly, have heard me talk about a dark fiction readers list I've been playing around with. Now I've come up with a concept to present that to a publisher as a book proposal. Truthfully, I don't think I have the publishing credentials to be taken seriously, but it should fulfill the assignment criteria enough to get me a pass.

Tonight is reading night, so I'll polish it up tomorrow and send the final assignment of my first semester out the door.

The lecturer is a long way behind on sending out my grades in this module so I have no idea where I stand in regards to my passing mark. I'm hoping a credit is still possible but I've been wrong about things in this course before.

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